Rare Bird Preserves are thoughtfully crafted using a proprietary combination of French and British preserving techniques, with only the highest quality seasonal fruit and our own naturally extracted pectin.

My love affair with preserving fruit began in pastry school, where I was moved by the beauty and simplicity of the process. This fascination soon grew into a lifelong passion and pursuit of technique and elevated flavor. It is this passion, combined with a close attention to detail, that ensures the quality and richness of our products.

We take care to obtain only the highest quality fruit. Whenever possible, we search out fruit that is locally and sustainably grown.

We craft our products the traditional way in copper pots with natural ingredients. While our approach is traditional, our flavors are anything but. Blending seasonal fruits with herbs, chocolates and other exceptional ingredients produces deliciously unique spreads. We pour our passion, creativity and care into each jar of Rare Bird Preserves, and we are sure you will taste the difference.

Elizabeth Madden
Founder, Rare Bird Preserves

Our Collections

Classic Preserves

Our Classic Preserves combine top-quality fruit with herbs, teas and other fine ingredients for seasonal flavors you can enjoy all year long.


Signature Spreads

Our Signature Spreads provide a unique flavor experience. From our line of curds thickened only with egg yolks to the house-made pectin, each handmade batch embodies beautiful flavor unavailable anywhere else.


Limited Editions

Made in exceptionally small batches – often limited to as few as twenty jars – these products are made using uncommon ingredients and a variety of techniques for the crème de la crème of spreads.