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Yuzu? Why yes, I do.

Introducing a new flavor commissioned by legendary New York fashion house, Bergdorf Goodman,  COCONUT YUZU CURD.

Linda Fargo, described as “Bergdorf’s public face and chief style maven” by the New York Times, discovered Rare Bird Preserves and quickly embraced the modern flavors and fashion-forward aesthetic of the brand. Rare Bird was approached with Linda’s idea for a flavor featuring coconut, one of today’s hottest trends. Jars of Coconut Yuzu Curd can now be found in the Linda’s at BG Designer Collection.

So what is Yuzu?

Yuzu is an exotic citrus cultivated in Japan, Korea, and China. Almost all yuzu is grown overseas, with only the juice and zest imported to the US. We use yuzu juice in the coconut curd to create the smooth, tropical flavor. Some say it tastes like key lime pie, some say a pina colada – but what everyone agrees on is that it is delicious.

Coconut Yuzu Curd is available at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, online at, or in our online shop at