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Oh, yum.


Is there anything better than fresh berries picked in their prime? I could eat handfuls of these outstanding strawberries in season right now.

I’m in Michigan at the moment and strawberries are everywhere! While there is no end to the possibilities of things you can do with this fruit, I love a classic Strawberry Shortcake. Well, classic as remade by me, of course.

Our vanilla cream scone mix makes an amazing base. No offense to Bisquik, but scones add just the right texture to elevate this simple dessert. Hull and slice 2 pints of the best farmer's market strawberries you can find. Mash slightly and add 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and 1/2 cup of light brown sugar. Let the berries sit for an hour. Layer the scone with berries, fresh whipped cream and/or a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you can just taste summertime. Sneak in some blueberries for a 4th of July dessert. 

Of course if you have extra scones leftover, pair them with one of our classic preserves or curds!