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Jam & Cheese Pairings

Hey Ya'll! Welcome to the journal! Nothing quite beats bread & jam when you're feeling hungry, and maybe uninspired...well we are here to help! Below is 5 ways to do jam & toast, with the help of a slice of Publican Quality Bread (this is when we remind you to pre-order yours for pickup on Thursdays & Saturdays at the shop)

Here come our favorite ways to make fancy toast at home! Remember, be curious and have fun! Make what you have work, and share with us on social! Tag us @Rarebirdpreserves 

Rare Bird Preserves Fig Earl Grey with crumbled goat cheese. The bergamot tea notes in this chunky seasonal spread is right at home with creamy goat cheese.

Rare Bird Preserves Peach Lavender with cultured butter. The fruity & floral forward jam brings lightness to the rich cultured butter. This is more like dessert than a morning breakfast go-to.

Rare Bird Preserves Peach Blueberry with whipped Ricotta. This seasonal beauty is sweet and peach forward, dollop it with ease across whipped ricotta, leaving some bites more jammy than others. 

Rare Bird Preserves Raspberry Jalapeno with parmesan match sticks. This jam packed some heat, making it a great companion with parm. Our Red Berries Rose is a great alternative, as raspberries are the main ingredient as well! 

Rare Bird Preserves Cherry Lime with almond butter. Gone are the days of bad PBJ memories, this elevated take will have your craving this duo, morning noon and night! Any nut butter will do, but the almond butter brings a richness that lets the cherry lime do its thang. 


We love keeping you inspired and our happy to share our recipes and insights with you! Check back soon for more recpies!