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An event to consider...

Last Sunday, Rare Bird Preserves had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower. Perhaps “hosting” is an overstatement as we just provided a place, but the paper in the windows came down, everything got a good cleaning from the remaining construction dust, and we welcomed our first visitors into the space.

And it was beautiful.

The space just glowed. Despite a gloomy, rainy day, the space was filled with natural light and we had a small peek at what kinds of things could be possible in the future.


Could we be an events space? Could Rare Bird be a place where people celebrate things like weddings and new babies? Could this be a way to share our vision with the community?

It’s fun to think about.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is busy and the orders from our online shop keep coming in! This week has been all about Blackberry Lime Curd and Peach Lavender, and the kitchen has smelled amazing. These top-selling flavors have been in high demand, but we are still finding time to experiment with new flavors. More on that soon!